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America’s Oldest Active Landman’s Association

The Mississippi Association of Landmen was organized in 1944 and is America’s oldest active landmen’s association. It has a membership of approximately 200 members, associates and honorary members.

The Association was organized for the purpose of improving the profession of petroleum landmen. Among its activities are monthly meetings with programs of interest to the industry, a continuing education series of industry seminars, and annual publication of a personnel directory.

2016 – 2017 Officers

  • George Weathersby, RPL – President
  • Andrew Ueltschey, RPL – Vice President
  • Matt James – Treasurer
  • Ian Austin – Director
  • Bob McElroy CPL – Director
  • Eddy Waller – Director
  • Lindy Clement – Director
  • Lori Whittington – Director
  • John Gresham, RPL – Director/Newsletter Editor
  • Bert Green, III, RPL – Past-President/Secretary
  • Tingle Savell, CPL – AAPL Director